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Women’s Keystone Auxiliary - History

Womens Keystone Auxiliary 1975

At 4:00pm on September 20, 1921, a group of women met at the home of Mrs. Edison M. Peck to talk over the organization of a Women’s Auxiliary of the Bristol Boys Club. 
The Superintendent of the club spoke with positiveness of the needs of such a supplementary group and the following officers were elected: 

  • President - Mrs. Frederick Scudder

  • Vice Presidents- Mrs. Edson M.  Peck, Mrs. James Dobson, Miss Ora B. Craig  

  • Treasurer - Mrs. Martin Loughlin 

  • Secretary - Mrs. AC Hitchcock 

The first meeting had 12 members in attendance. Membership dues were $1.00. 
By 1922, there were 88 members in the Auxiliary. 

Over the following decades, the Women’s Auxiliary provided invaluable and necessary support to the Bristol Boys Club. Some examples are as follows: 

  • Preparing and serving supper to the Older Members Association weekly meetings 

  • Purchasing kitchen and other equipment for the Club and for Camp Wangum garden parties, fashion shows, Christmas tree sales, bus trips to Boston and New York, etc.

  • Holding a variety of fundraisers and social events to raise money for the Club, including card parties, bake sales,

  • Continuing to provide support in every way possible, working concessions at Muzzy Field, applying make up to the cast of the OM Show, etc.  

In 1996, the Adelaide Carlson Scholarship was established in honor of a long time and important member of the Auxiliary. The scholarship is awarded annually to the Youth of the Year of the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol. 
Throughout the years, as times changed and membership decreased, the Keystone Auxiliary members continued to work tirelessly to promote the work of the Club. They devoted themselves to helping children be proud and helping develop skills and experience success.

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